The Pate family, John and Vaneta, John having served in the
Army National Guard, a EMT, and Police officer and Vaneta, a
Licensed Practical Nurse. Have taken upon themselves to build
a homeless community for our homeless veterans in the El Paso

Mr. Pate spent many nights in VA Hospitals were he had eight
back surgeries in the past year. During that time the Pate’s
spent many of hours visiting and talking with fellow veterans.
John had a roommate in the hospital that served during
Vietnam, after getting to know the man, he confided that he
was homeless due to unforeseen circumstances. The Pate’s
had their eyes opened to the epidemic facing our veterans. The
Pates decided it was time to do something about the problem.

There are 50,000 plus homeless veterans reported in the US.
That was when they realized they had to help the homeless
veterans. The decision was made to take all the profits from
the sale of their home and build a community for our homeless

They were approached with a gift of 10.5 acers in Sierra
Blanca. After research and talking to the El Paso VA it was
learned that over 2000 veterans sleep on the streets at any
given night in the El Paso area. They accepted the offer and
with their 4 year old daughter in tow, the family relocated to
the area. Within days of their arrival they learned the land was
not useable. Very discouraged, they met a local resident who
offered to help them. With his help they acquired 40 acers and
are beginning to build their dream of helping our homeless

Currently the land is being cleared but they have a long road
ahead. They are planning be able to house 120 veterans in this
community with room to grow. All the needs of the veterans
will be provide with focus on returning them back with respect
and dignity they deserve as well as education, training, love,
and support.

The land is also planned to be used for farming and livestock in
order offset the cost of food and outside resources. For those
veterans that are not able to return to society due to illness, or
injury they will be afforded the opportunity to permanently
reside and work at the community.

With the help of donations and volunteers, this community will
give the El Paso, Dell City, Sierra Blanca, the Salt Flat area, and
the State of Texas something to be proud of.